PETER GYULAY, Practical Philosopher and Educator

Hello, I'm Peter and I'm a practical philosopher and educator based in Sydney. I help people use the tools of thinking and talking to transform themselves. I believe that philosophy has a practical place in today's world. It can help the young develop the critical thinking skills needed to navigate the challenges of modern life. It can help people gain clarity and insight into their problems and how to reach their full potential. It can help individuals and organisations define and live out their ultimate purpose.

What is philosophical consulting/counselling?

Philosophical consulting, sometimes known as philosophical counselling, uses the tools of philosophy to help people deal with the problems they face in life. Life is full of challenges, confusions and changes, and we often struggle to cope with them. A philosophical consultant can help in understanding and overcoming these difficulties. Some of the issues that a philosophical consultant can assist with include: A lack of meaning and purpose Confusion about career/life direction Ethical dilemmas Job loss and problems with coworkers  Friend and family feuds Personal change and growth Falling in or out of love Becoming a parent Breakups and divorce Midlife, aging or end of life issues Loss of a loved one Eco-anxiety And many more... Philosophical consultants help people to unravel the underlying thinking behind a problem and find ways to remedy it through critical thinking, sound logic and practical wisdom. They can also assist anyone wishing to find more meaning and purpose in life and r